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My name is Bode Sowande. My journey with the practice of the kaballah is a positive experience of many years. Its application through correspondences to diverse human experience brings forth an existential harmony.

Fortunately for me, in my ancestry I find the celebrated wisdom of the Yoruba Ifa legacy, as practiced by my Great-grandfather Baba Sowande in his days. He was an Obatala Priest healer who encouraged his children to contemplate Christianity when it came to Abeokuta, and to become Christians if they so desired. One of them was Rev. E.J. Sowande a young co-worker with Bishop Ajayi Crowther.

The credo I grew to know remains the need to be God-centered in human existence, ensuring that first the spiritual essence must be lived in harmony with God, Man and Nature. Once the spiritual person is God-centered, everything progresses.

Along the line I found Tarot as if it has been my tool all my incarnations to date. Tarot provides meanings for the seeker of MEANINGS and Equilibrium for the one who wishes to use it as a tool of prayerful existence.

In Nigeria and outside Nigeria I have shared this experience through readings. I have given talks and lectures to small or large audience.

Curiously in my theatre practice as playwright and dramatist this knowledge in the use of Tarot finds a place both in creative humanities and simple interpretation of daily life.

This Tarot website is not a commercial site. It offers free Tarot readings(Tree of Life, Three Card, Horse Shoe Spreads and more…)

Go to every offer of the menu and enjoy the experience.

Bode Sowande Ph.D