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Uttering the God names with total submission of the ego to God is a complete prayer in itself.

Repeating God names continuously over a period of your choice, as your inner-self guides you, is a process that has spiritual fulfillment, especially when you identify your areas of imbalance.

God names will always be included in your Tarot with prayers exercises.


This means “I am”

Eheieh as a call changes prayers into positive affirmations. This was how God spoke to Moses in the burning grass experience.

“I am that I am”


Jehovah is derived from the Tetragrammaton. What is the Tetragrammaton? Kabbalists firmly believe that the name of God is unpronounceable, and they also believe that the creative utterance of God is the Tetragrammaton.

In other words the real name is within the formula Yod He Vau He or IHVH or Jehovah. If you insert the Hebrew letter Shin you have IHShVH which means Yeheshua, meaning Jesus (God as the Son, the Redeemer of mankind).

In prayer each God name (or spiritual formula) is a complete prayer in itself.

In Jehovah (IHVH) you have the entire creation of the Universe through the roots of Fire, Water, Air, Earth. The combinations of these manifest as Life.

JEHOVAH is the entire Tree of Life.

JEHOVAH ELOHIM means ‘Lord Gods’, the inscrutable womb of creation where the multiplicity of forms are in the infinite expressions of Jehovah. God as form containing His own perfect force. In the Tree of Life Jehovah Elohim crowns the pillar of severity. JEHOVAH ELOHIM related with Noah before, during and after the flood.

AL or EL means God. AL is God going forth with infinity of abundance and mercy. AL made Abraham His friend. Abraham is the father of faith and from his ‘tent’ three religious have sprung; the Jewfish faith, the Christian faith, and the Islamic faith.

ELOHIM GEBOR means ‘The all powerful Gods’. God as an army of banners going to war. God as perfect security of all life. Love under will. The priesthood of Elohim Gebor is angelic with love as well as martial with force. Elohim Gebor is God of justice. His love is unalloyed and his defeat of evil is total! Elohim Gebor saved Isaac from the knife at his throat and blessed Abraham for his faith. David had the support of ELOHIM GEBOR against Goliath, but David as king could never understand the quality of love in ELOHIM GEBOR, and for this he always covered himself in ashes of penance. For this also he could not build a temple to worship God.

ELOHIM GEBOR protects, liberates, invigorates, and enlivens humanity. ELOHIM GEBOR empowers integrity with the individual self, and endows man with boundless courage, graceful change from negative karma to positive karma.


Jesus as God the Son, the Redeemer of mankind.

This name heals the inner spirit and beautifies the outer life.

Yeheshua on the Tree of Life accesses every sphere of life. It is the Sun of the Tree of Life. It is also the Tree of Life just as JEHOVAH is.

JEHOVAH TSABAOTH means ‘The Lord of Hosts’. On the Tree of Life, the redemption in the solar sphere of Yeheshua has transmuted the warlike nature of Elohim Gebor and the result is JEHOVAH TSABAOTH who is victorious through Agape. It was JEHOVAH TSABAOTH that gave Joseph victories over his tribulations.

ELOHIM TSABAOTH means ‘The God of Hosts’. The divine claims all his endless multiple natures, creatively. Moses in the land of Pharaoh called on Elohim Tsabaoth and He took him (Moses) through his experiences.

SHADDAI EL CHAI means ‘The Almighty and Ever Living God’. This name emphasizes the power of God over the past (our ancestry and past incantations) the present, the aspirations for the future, and the multiplication of the specie, also giving health to the unborn. This is the all powerful FOUNDATION the Tree of Life, known as God the Holy Spirit. On the Tree of Life a ‘straight’ path comes from YEHESHUA to the sphere of SHADDAI EL CHAI. Moses as leader of children of Israel called on this God when he reached the Red Sea, being pursued by the Pharaoh. Faced with the ‘Red Sea’ challenges of your life seek the help of Shaddai El Chai. He sustains procreation, heals fertility problems (and psychological disorders) as He ensures the continuity of mankind, and the strength of the Psyche. In the Bible Israel is a code for mankind, so is Moses, so is Pharaoh, so is Egypt.

ADONAI MALECH means ‘My Lord the King’. In this name man may identify the divine image of God in him (man).


ADONAI HA-ARETZ means ‘Lord of the Earth’. In man we can identify the divine.

By implication this is ‘The kingdom’ in that prayer ‘For thine is the kingdom, the Power and the Glory, for ever and ever, Amen.

When we identify the image of God in us and cross the abyss between that image and the reality of life, with prayers and devotion, then we attain ‘The kingdom’. It was at this divine level that Joshua told the Sun to stay still, and in the Bible it did.

Whether in science where the sun is already still and the earth is in motion, or in spiritual faith, everyone is potentially on the throne of his own kingdom, ruling his own life (his passions, his intellect, his dreams and his actions). The kingdom of man is nothing more than this.